How to make Cupcakes for Christmas

Why not make some fascinating theme based designer Christmas cupcakes to impress your friends and family.
The magical Christmas cupcake booklet is your friend at hand. In this booklet 6 interesting Christmas figurines have been carved:
Santa is ready with candies in his hands,
The sleigh is topped with gifts,
Rudolph, the reindeer has enjoyed his wine,
Elf is enjoying the Christmas party,
In the meantime, a sumptuous platter of meal is served.

The book highlights every step pictorially, making it easy for the maker to connect with the designs.
Simple techniques of rolling, pinching and pressing are used to shape most of the figurines. During the process one will realize, several of techniques have been a part of art and craft during school. For crafting different figurines a basic fondant tool and a regular round cookie cutter comes handy. These tools are readily available on Amazon.
The main tools which have been used in the book include;
Ball tool which is very effective in shaping and uplifting designs, particularly, for making small dents for placing eyes and nose as in case of Santa, given a hollow effect to his belly, flattened the edges of the ears of the reindeer.
Similarly, the scalpel tool gives finesse to the designs like sharpening edges, cutting clean designs like holy leaves.
Cutters also have manifold uses. Like the round cutter has not only been used for making fondant tops for covering the cakes. But also for impressing rounded hollow shape as in the case of Santa’s sack. 
Many times silicon moulds and cutters ease out life in crafting designs. But what if you don’t have one? Keeping this in mind, the book offers easy alternatives to users

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