Fondant Cutters

Christmas designs for kids with fondant cutters

Long guest list, kid parties, really wears one down. The big question remains what “should I prepare this year for Christmas”?
These easy fondant cutter designs are really a no-brainer and can be used both as cupcake toppers as well as on cakes. It will be fun to get kids involved in making them.  

The traditional Christmas tree has been made using the smallest daisy cutter. The various stars have to be overlapped and then pressed against each other.  

The star has been made using the star cookie cutter and edible silver balls have been embedded. 

Make the leaves with a regular rose leaf cutter and roll out 3 tiny balls as cherries.

A small little present for Christmas – the gift box. It has been made with the square cookie cutter.  

This design has been made with the heart shaped cookie cutter. 

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