How to fill a piping bag for cupcakes

Before filling a piping bag, you need to get your frosting or batter ready. I have used the disposable bag, which are quite easy to find and handle. As a beginner it is important that you don't overfill the bag, ideally fill as you need. Steps below demonstrate filling of cupcake batter.

1. Piping bag

2. Fold the edges inside

3. Use a spoon to fill, don't overfill. If you are a beginner, fill it half only so that it is easy to handle.

4. After you have finished filling, unfold the top and push the frosting/batter down. 

5. Now twist from the top, to tighten the piping bag. 

 6. Using scissors, cut the front tip of the piping bag, I have not used any nozzle in this case. If you want to use nozzle, put it in the piping bag at step 2, and push it to the bottom.


7. After making a cut you must ensure that there are no air bubbles in the piping bag, twist it once more and hold it as shown in picture to start piping. 

Tip:  It is recommended to tighten the piping bag again, after piping few cupcakes.

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