Bring Santa home

The Santa Video

Make Your Own Santa Video This Christmas

Imagine your child's excitement on Christmas morning, watching Santa Claus walk past their very own Christmas tree, delivering their presents, and eating their cookies and milk, all in your very own home!
TheSantaVideo allows you to do just this in 3 simple steps, creating a high-quality video proof of santa visiting,Try it for FREE - TheSantaVideo

"This is amazing!  I think the step by step photos are an amazing touch and will inspire even the beginner to try these things.... Very inspiring!" - Toni Allen - Canada

With Christmas approaching the buzz for party cupcakes is on the spree. So why not get creative and design some aesthetically appealing edible Christmas cupcake toppers. 

This 40 page e-book tutorial is made up of 10 chapters, which focuses on 6 different designs:
Santa claus
Rudolph the reindeer
Elf enjoying Christmas celebrations
Christmas meal
Sleigh topped with gift sack

The e-book is a simple step wise guide with plenty of pictures detailing how to make edible fondant cake toppers/decorations.
It outlines the tools and material required.
Explains and pictorially depicts simple techniques (rolling style, cutting, twisting etc…) in crafting designs.
Offers alternatives i.e. shows how to use fondant tools in crafting designs like ivy leaves, buttons in the absence of cutters.
The book is so simply drafted that even the most naive baker will find it promising.

Christmas gift idea for 2013 – Create a Santa Video

Bring a smile to your kids this Christmas and make evidence that Santa visited your house to place the gifts in your living room.
Santa video software creates fun and simple video using background picture from your house and then super imposing the Santa moving in your selected picture. It creates online video which you can link up, use on your you tube account or burn it on the dvd. 
so what are you waiting for ? Catch Santa on Video
It is pretty simple and straight forward process to make a video
1.      Upload Your Picture
2.      Choose a Video From Collection of Scenarios
3.      Add a song to your video, Choose from a handful of Classics!
4.      Finish & Share by embedding your video on your own website
or blog, or twitter, facebook, email etc.

This video creates ever lasting memories; you can use Santa video to create online Christmas card or unique invitations. 

Watch the video below to see: 


Fondant Cutters

Christmas designs for kids with fondant cutters

Long guest list, kid parties, really wears one down. The big question remains what “should I prepare this year for Christmas”?
These easy fondant cutter designs are really a no-brainer and can be used both as cupcake toppers as well as on cakes. It will be fun to get kids involved in making them.  

The traditional Christmas tree has been made using the smallest daisy cutter. The various stars have to be overlapped and then pressed against each other.  

The star has been made using the star cookie cutter and edible silver balls have been embedded. 

Make the leaves with a regular rose leaf cutter and roll out 3 tiny balls as cherries.

A small little present for Christmas – the gift box. It has been made with the square cookie cutter.  

This design has been made with the heart shaped cookie cutter. 

How to make fondant Snow Man

Follow step by step pictures to make fondant Snow Man

View Reindeer
View Snow Man